Installing libgist v.2.0/amdb v.1.0


Libgist was initially developed under Digital Unix with the g++ compiler and was ported to Solaris (both x86 and Sparc), Linux with g++, and Windows NT 4.0 with Visual C++ 6.0. Since these platforms are quite different, we expect the code to be somewhat portable, but have not done extensive porting ourselves. Before you port libgist to other platforms, please check the libgist home page and see if anybody has done it for you already. If not, and you succeed in porting, contact us at! Note that libgist in independent of amdb (the reverse is not true), so it's okay to install the joint distribution and only use libgist.


Amdb was developed under Intel Solaris with Sun's JDK (currently supported versions: JDK 1.1.8 and Swing 1.1.1). It has also been compiled and tested on Sparc Solaris, Windows NT, and Red Hat Linux 6.0 as well. The analysis features require the use of hMETIS, a hypergraph paritioning package from the Univ. of Minnesota. This package is available for several platforms as well.

All of the GNU software (GNU zip, GNU tar, GNU C++, GNU make, bison, flex) described below is available from the usual free software repositories (e.g., We do not provide or support these packages; if they are not installed on your computer, please ask your system administrator for assistance. Note that these packages are very common and are often available as precompiled executables for many operating systems (including Win32).

UNIX Installation Guide


Amdb has the following additional requirements:

Installing libgist

  1. Edit the file in the src directory: change the line AMDB = true to say false, if you do not want to install amdb.
  2. Edit the file Makefile.paths.. in the src directory (where is the output of uname -s and is the output of uname -m; if you do not find such a file, copy one of the existing examples): set the variables for the g++ include and lib directory paths and the path to g++ itself. If you want to use amdb, you must also set the paths to the JDK and Swing installations as well as the paths to the JDK include directories.
  3. Set the LIBGISTHOME environment variable to the root of the libgist directory hierarchy.
  4. Run gmake cmdline from the src directory -- it will recursively make libgist, the pre-packaged extensions and the command line driver program, gistcmdline.
  5. If you want to run some test scripts to make sure everything is working, cd to ../tests, and type ./runtests. If nothing suspicious comes up on the screen, your installation has passed the tests.
  6. Libraries and executables will be left with their sources.  If you wish to install them elsewhere, you will need to do so by hand.

  7. gistcmdline is located under the bin directory.
    The lib directory contains libgist.a and the prepackaged extensions: libbtree.a, librtree.a.

Installing amdb

  1. Install JDK, Swing, and hMETIS and make sure that libgist is installed and working.
  2. Make the hMETIS executable accessible from your PATH variable.
  3. Run gmake amdb from the src directory.
  4. Add $LIBGISTHOME/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.
  5. The script amdb in the $LIBGISTHOME/bin directory will run amdb.

Windows NT/95/98 Installation Guide


Amdb has the following additional requirements

Installing libgist and amdb

Debugging libgist/amdb from Visual Studio

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