1. 7/03. Minor modifications to amdb 1.0 and libgist-2.0 so that it compiles under gcc 3.3 (and purportedly under gcc 2.9.5.) The libgist and amdb software is no longer supported, however, so this is strictly FYI.
  2. 4/4/00 The final release of amdb v.1.0 / libgist v.2.0 is now available for use. Amdb is an access method (AM) design and visualization tool for AMs implemented with the libgist library. Libgist is a C++ implementation of the Generalized Search Tree (GiST). Both packages have been tested and compiled on the following platforms: Solaris 2.6 and 2.5.1 (Sparc and x86), Windows NT 4.0, and Red Hat Linux 6.0. JDK 1.1.8 and Swing (JFC) 1.1.1 are required for using amdb.
  3. libgist v1.0, a C++ library that implements the GiST. Includes 2 test programs which demonstrate how to get B+-tree and R-Tree functionality.
  4. In addition, GiST is now built into PostgreSQL, the popular free database system originally developed at Berkeley, and now maintained by a devoted group on the internet. Notes on the PostgreSQL GiST implementation are still here from the days when you had to patch PostgreSQL with theGiST for PGSQL patch. The patch includes 4 "opclass" implementations for indexing integers, test, boxes and polygons within Postgres.

Comments, questions and suggestions about the GiST software listed above may be directed to gist@postgres.berkeley.edu

While we have not developed an implementation of GiST in Java, an implementation (based on libgist 0.9) is available for download from the University of Cape Town.
Joe Hellerstein, jmh@cs.berkeley.edu
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